CRD group is inspired by the aroma & colour’s around the Krishna city of India, Mathura. CRD group is situated in the heart of Shri Krishna’s city and with his blessings working for the farmers benefit. A decade ago, the  group  commenced with an illuminating idea of doing something meaningful, sustainable, and valuable for the coming generations. The company is driven by humanity, integrity, and community service.

CRD group started their business in 2016 and entered in the agro industry. CRD established Controlled Atmosphere storage in Mathura. Here CRD started the apple business, which existed in an unorganized manner till now. CRD went ahead and created an automated and organized system of apple business. Further moving ahead, CRD also created a state of the art facility in the Kashmir valley to fulfill the requirement of agro products in the country.

From Juices to Snacks to ready-to-eat curries, the group caters to all FMCG products under one roof. CRD group has expanded its reach to various businesses as well as their ultimate consumers, due to the authenticity and originality of its products.
Spread across the large land of Mathura and Kashmir, the business is established for various food processing facilities like dehydration, apple concentrate, canning, carbonated drinks, apple cider etc. In the coming years, the CRD group plans to venture into dry fruits and walnut processing, digestive drinks, etc. The aim is also to target big brands and their modern kitchens to provide them with the best in-town processing facility.

CRD group foray into the food business is an end to end provision off the best fruit drinks and various products with one of the finest quality available in the market.


Trust - As a brand we want to be recognised as people's first choice, to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Team - We, as a team represent our values. Our team is focused on making sure that we meet customer demands, as well as customer expectations. Customer Experience - Every customer is very important to us, and we will do our best for customer satisfaction. Loyalty- We are loyal and dedicated in our business and especially towards our community. We are respectful and trustful in our practices which allows us to be true to the values we stand for.


Our vision is to empower the farmers and help them get the acknowledgement and recognition they deserve. We entered the FMCG line because we know its potential and how much value we can put into this industry. We want to ensure that our consumers are getting value for their money, by providing them with good quality products..


Our mission is to create a sustainable and transparent business model for a reliable experience. We are determined to take risks and rise above the challenges to serve our community better. We have the ideology of working together and collectively taking everyone ahead. We strive to provide healthy products without harming the environment or the health of our customers. A healthy lifestyle promotes happy lives and happy people. We want to see everyone smiling and glowing.